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The Egocentric Predicament and so much more

This is The Egocentric Predicament. Roddy's first full length novel. A work of unimaginable terror, triumph, and the strength of the human spirit. What makes this work so important is that it confronts the single most horrifying act of evil within the human condition of today- Human Trafficking.


To read The Egocentric Predicament is to change the way you look at the world you live in today. Are you prepared to do that? 

But there is more to this writer than just this. Move ahead and discover so much more. If you can handle it? Of course you can handle it; stop being so damned dramatic and let's go. Hey, we have horror and suspense, adventure, some laughs, and plenty of thought-provoking work that just might change the way you look at some things. 
Keep in mind that Roddy is a diverse writing delving into many aspects of writing. You're sure to find something to your liking. 

I can say this with utmost confidence. I have never had a book make me want characters to die as much as this book did. In the most violent ways at that. That book ranks with the best of authors, Roddy

William Barber on The Egocentric Predicament

I am certainly not agreeing to your BS contrived quote, Roddy. In fact, if you use my name attached to one of your made-up quotes, I'll egg your car. No, I'll egg the car of someone really mean and say you did it. I'll photoshop the video. William was nice in putting something on here for you, but you know good and damn well that I would enjoy seeing you dragged behind a bus!

Name withheld by Request



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